Saturday, June 08, 2013

Embroidered peacocks presentation.

I don't know if anyone is reading this blog any more.  I haven't heard from my old friend Lakshmi in India for months, and I really miss reading her blog, which is now closed to all but a selected few readers.  I know she was having problems with spammers and other nuisances, so I don't blame her for shutting the door.
Anyway, for those who are still around here, I presented a talk about my embroidered peacocks at the Embroiderers Guild of Vic. today, and it was very well received.  I have posted details on my other stitching blog, but decided to post the photos of the display here as well.


Lakshmi said...

Hello Gina, thank you very much for the post on peacocks and it is such a nice feeling to see my peacock is in exhibition.
Earlier sometimes back i send you mail about bangles but no reply so thought u were busy.
i just closed my blog for everyone cause of my health. I am fighting breast cancer. surgery was successful and chemotherapy is going on. So could not respond in time. once everything is ok i will be back.

with love lakshmi

Gina E. said...

Lakshmi! I am so pleased to hear from you, but I'm very sad to hear you have been battling cancer. I tried to reply to your emails about your bangles, but my messages kept bouncing, and I couldn't access your blog. Now I know why. But at least you are still reading mine - thank you:-)
Your peacock drew a lot of attention and admiration yesterday. One day I will do something with it instead of wrapping it with acid free tissue and carefully storing it! But be assured it is very much loved and treasured.
Please take care, I don't forget you.