Sunday, March 30, 2008

A pair of matching doilies and a little notebook.

These two doilies arrived from the USA last week. You've heard/read it here before, but this will be the last lot of embroidered peacocks I buy for a while. I have an enormous collection, and I'm finding that most of what I see on eBay now is a duplicate or very similar to what I already have, or a design that is so way out it doesn't appeal to me. As well as that, after our trip away this week, I'll need to reign in my spending (again) for a while. The only exception to all this is if I find something really special in an opshop in Darwin, and I think that is highly unlikely!

Now for something different. My friend Val had a very busy blog for a year or so, but got a bit 'blogged down', so she has discontinued her blog activities for a while. But we have stayed in touch, and sometimes meet up for a coffee at the library, or go for a walk and picnic on a nice day. One of Val's many hobbies is paper-making and other paper-related crafts. Last week she presented me with this little notebook she'd made just for me, cutting a peacock motif from pretty paper and sticking it on the front. Inside is a blank pad and pencil. What a beaut gift! I love notepads - I've got several, and they all have a separate purpose.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Table runner.

This is one end of a lovely runner that arrived from the USA today. The seller has just created a blog of her own collection after seeing my blog - go here to see Vintage Linen Treasures!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two little doilies.

Surprise, surprise! These are from here in Oz, not from the USA!