Monday, April 26, 2010

Another tiny peacock, from a friend.

This was sent to me along with a fabric postcard, from Sheila in Scotland. The postcard was for a birthday postcard swap we are in, and she sent the little peacock as an extra gift because she knows I love peacocks. Isn't it sweet!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Crazy Patchwork Peacock completed.

Well here it is, finally finished with backing and binding - thanks to a dear friend who is much better than me at those finishing touches! She had some orange scraps which looked much better than the fabric I was going to use. You can click on the image for a close up view.
I had such fun doing this. People kept giving me stuff to put on it. There are two ear-rings found at op shops: one on the top left hand corner, attached to the peacock feather fabric, and the other on the purple patch near the top. A friend gave me the tiny peacock charm in the bottom left hand corner, which is attached to a bed of ribbony stuff that someone else gave me because the colours reminded her of my block. The turquoise tatting under the buttons was given to me by a member of our Guild, and the buttons and other bling have been collected along the way.

One day I'll do another one of these blocks, as I have some more Peacock fabric in a different pattern and colourway. I still have lots of bling left over that I can use!