Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beautiful supper cloth.

Nobody can imagine how excited I was to win this auction. A few years ago, a similar cloth was listed on eBay, and I bid for it along with many other people. I was unsuccessful that time, and very disappointed, as I didn't think I would see another one like it again. So I was delighted to see this appear two weeks ago, and I was determined not to miss out on it! I placed a ridiculously high bid on it and sure enough, I won the cloth at a price way below my maximum bid!

Ken said "they don't look like peacocks", so I had to try to explain that an artist's impression of something is not always a photographic image; they have what is called artistic licence...he still didn't get it!

The eBay seller claimed this was the loveliest embroidery she had seen for a long time. I agree 100% - the traditional test (to look at the back) came up trumps - almost as good on the back as on the front.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More pillowcases.

Another pair of Pillowcases arrived from the USA today. These are machine embroidered, and I don't usually collect that kind of stitching, but these are so beautiful I just couldn't resist them - could you have?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hand towel or tea towel?

On eBay, this was titled "Hand/tea towel". It could be either as it is stitched on huckabuck fabric, but I would be reluctant to wipe either hands or dishes on it! From the USA as usual.