Thursday, June 07, 2012

Another embroidered peacock.

Today I received a parcel from a friend in Canada who like me, loves vintage textiles. Knowing my passion for peacocks, she thought of me when she found this beautiful embroidered table runner or piano scarf. I'm very grateful! We both think this was done around 1920-30, as it is stitched in real silk, not stranded cotton, and silk was rarely used for embroidery during and after WW2. The peacock design is repeated at the other end of the fabric length, but was unfinished at each end, so I have added a length of black lace to the ends to finish it off. (I thoguht it was an unfinished cushion cover at first, but a friend pointed out to me that it was more likely to be a runner).

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DIAN said...

Gina, this is really unusual. I love the colours.