Thursday, May 19, 2011

Assorted Peacock goodies!

A friend in the USA sent me some fabrics I needed for a project, and knowing my love of peacocks, she included some extras in her parcel!
A fabulous machine embroidered peacock which looks like it was part of a larger design of some sort. Beautiful!

Black button with a gold peacock on it. Hard to get a good pic of this.

New cross stitch kit - I don't know if I'll ever do this, as TW's stunning designs are incredibly complex, as well as being on very small Aida ct. fabric! It would take me years, but then again, you don't know until you try, do you?

A sweet cross stitched table runner. It's been a while since I added an embroidered peacock to my collection - thanks Cathy!


Lyndel said...

lovely to see some new Peacocks there! I think the 'piece' one looks like it was the front of a vest or jacket. amazing.

Wendy said...

The fabric peacock is stunning! The needlework looks like it will take a while to complete......good luck!

shobs said...

Is Theresa Wentzler's peacock available? She says in her website that it has been discontinued.

Cathy K said...

Oh my, I just saw this post, LOL. I wonder who it was who sent THOSE to you, hehehe? Hugs, Cat

Asha Jamwal said...

This fabric design of peacock is awesome! Thank's for sharing :)

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