Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas bonanza!

That's what it felt like when I collected my mail yesterday! One of the packets was from Robyn, a lady who I got to know through eBay. Whenever she comes across embroidered peacocks, she lets me know first, before putting them up for sale on the internet - isn't that kind of her? A couple of weeks ago, she emailed me to say she'd found these, as well as a framed tapestry. Well, the tapestry would have cost a heap to post from Queensland to Melbourne, as well as the price of it alone, so I reluctantly declined that one. But I did want the rest, so once she'd received my payment, Robyn mailed them down.

This is a pink pillowcase with a machine embroidered peacock.

I took this photo in the kitchen under fluro. light, so the colour is awful. The nice thing about this doiley is that it is the same pattern as a small tablecloth in my collection.

This design must have been on a transfer, or a very popular stamped linen item for Semco, as I have several variations of it - doilies, traycloths and now a cushion cover. It is fascinating to see the different colours used by each stitcher.


Lakshmi said...

Nice collections Gina...infact i have colected hundreds of peacock designs..planning to take upone of them in another 2 months

Red Hot Button said...

This looks very very familiar - I'm sure my Grandmother had an embroidered linen with this design on her dressing table! Do you know if they are still available to buy?

Anonymous said...

Gina, those are absolutely beautiful peacocks and the colors are gorgeous! What a wonderful collection you own!

Thendral said...

Not only this... All your peacocks are very very beautiful. I find you in SF.

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