Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peacock Beaded Shawl

My friend LeeAnn gave me this stunning vintage beaded shawl for my 60th birthday, and although I posted this pic on my other blog, I forgot to put it here as well! Well, it IS a peacock, so this is where it belongs!


Chelle said...

It's totally amazing!

Michael said...

Howdy! I saw your comment on Mary's blog, and at first I mistook you for Gina B., who does silk work... but I'm glad I clicked through! I've collected peacocks for years also, and I use them a lot as a design element in my weaving -
I haven't embroidered any yet, but I do plan to do some with my silk.

Candi said...

Wow! That is just beautiful!!! You must just cherish that! What a wonderful friend you have.

Leti said...

WOW! just amazing. I will love to see a closer look of the beading.
Thank you for sharing

Wendy said...

OH My! That is just gorgeous. I started collecting peacocks last year and I must say your shawl has just blown me away. How fortunate to have a friend that would give you such a wonderful gift. Truly breath taking.

Gina E. said...

Thank you all for commenting on this photo, and on my blog in general. If I haven't already done so, I will visit you in return.