Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hand towel.

If you are going to stitch a peacock in cross stitch, you should be a lot more careful than the person who did this! (hope she's not reading this). It may have been done by a young girl who hasn't been taught properly, or perhaps someone whose eyesight isn't the best, and they haven't noticed that half the stitches are in the opposite direction to the rest. Sorry if you think I sound too critical, but if you are building a collection of items, naturally you only want good stuff in your collection. I'll keep it, but it won't be on show when I'm out and about!


Lillian said...


Is that MY work that has found it's way all the way over to Australia? rofl. With my cross stitch skills it looks like something that would be the work of MY hands. =)

Gina E. said...

Gosh Lillian, I hope not!!! I was only joking when I wrote that I hoped the person who stitched that handtowel wasn't reading my blog!