Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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A pillowcase with a difference: the flowers are painted on, not stitched! The eBay seller mentioned this on her auction, and wondered if it was meant to be like that, or if it was actually unfinished. I have looked closely at it, and cannot see any transfer marks under the stitching or the painted area, so perhaps the whole design was printed on the material in colour originally, and someone just decided to embellish the peacock!
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posted by Gina E. at 10:13 PM

Maggie Ann said...
You can't tell the flowers are painted...I remember when that was quite popular here though. Painting...many ladies enjoyed it and I could see why. Quicker, for one thing.

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Linda_S. said...

Hi Gina,
Back in 1968, I bought my first set of Artex Embroidery Paint and set about painting everything that wasn't I had almost forgotten about them until your post. I found a set for sale on ebay..